Climbing the Calderon Hondo volcano is a great time.

From up there, you will be overwhelmed by a huge feeling of freedom. The view is breathtaking on the crater and the whole island.  You will surely be accompanied by squirrels during your walk and at the top. And if you have water and little things to nibble on, they will come up on you, without scaring you.

How to get there:

On the road from Corralejo to Lajares, at the roundabout with the football stadium, take a right towards Majanicho. Continue on the road by car for a few hundred meters. On the left, a small hippie snack, opposite just after, you park in the parking lot (where there is a Camel sign).
A red sign indicates the start of the hike (marked trail). Walk along the mountain from the right along this path. Easy walk to discover the crater of the volcano "Calderon Hondo" (45 minutes, easy) .
The starting point of the walk is a few hundred meters from our Casas.